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Enterprise Network Solution

Enterprise networks provide the connectivity essential for every organization. Midsize to large organizations use an Enterprise Network to connect their employees and devices to applications in the data center and cloud. As organizations grow, the network becomes more complex as additional technology is required for scalability and security.

 Parts of the network are designed for specific purposes (WANs, Branch/Campus, and Data Center/Hybrid Cloud) and require advanced solutions to achieve better network speed, visibility, and end-to-end security.

Structured Cabling

Switching and Routing


Structured Cabling

1- Copper based networks: Connecting to a local intranet or internet has become necessary for any organization regardless of its size. CSS offers a full package of services for Local Area networks and Wide Area networks. Our engineers are capable of managing and installing a new network or do changes to an existing one. We work with our clients to provide the best solution as per their need.

2- Fiber Optic based networks: Fiber-optic networks fill in the gaps left by other networks. Fiber optics have the ability to travel longer distances, perform at higher rates, and endure interference from heavy machinery or electrical lines. CSS can help integrate a fiber optic network with a copper-based network, install a new fiber optic network, or simply build the network based on the customer requirement.

Switching and Routing

Everyone in your firm can connect to one other, clients, business partners, critical apps, and the Internet thanks to your network architecture. A network connects computers and peripherals with the help of two pieces of hardware: switches and routers.

Within a building or campus, switches are used to link various devices on the same network. The switch acts as a controller, allowing the various devices to communicate and share information. Switches save you money and boost production by sharing information and allocating resources.

Routers are devices that connect several networks. They connect your company to the rest of the world, secure your data from threats, and even decide which computers get priority over others. Routers analyze the data being sent over your network, change how it is packaged and send it to another network or over a different type of network.

Why routing and switching?

  • Quick Access to information
  • Enhanced security
  • Remote connections enablement
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Information sharing

Wireless Solution

The WIFI market is rapidly expanding as businesses discover the productivity and benefits of becoming wire-free along with customers demand for quick access. WiFi networks’ mobility has shown to be advantageous in manufacturing and warehouse facilities, transit hubs, hotels, airports, hospitals, campuses, schools, universities and conference halls.

  • Our cutting-edge Wi-Fi networks are built to be resilient, adaptive, and stable. These Wi-Fi networks are built to handle the load of Wireless IP devices, the diversity of application demand, and deliver huge bandwidth when needed.
  • Our Wi-Fi networks are built to fulfill today's high-density, high-performance needs while also supporting tomorrow's IoT and building automation expectations. They're designed with guest intelligence and control in mind, with a look to the future.
Added Value
  • our solution provides insights into network and user performance which helps improve the venue operations and identify network congestions
  • we do care for network security and our Wi-Fi solution has the security measures to detect unauthorized access, detect threats and alert network administrators.