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Infrastructure And Business Continuity

Enterprise Servers


Enterprise Storage


Disaster Recovery:

Enterprise Servers

As the speed of conducting business and the number of enterprise applications grows at an exponential rate, you'll need an infrastructure that can accommodate new business models while still maintaining existing applications. Traditional IT approaches are increasingly inadequate in the face of artificial intelligence and data analysis applications. Your company need new models that contain the most recent advances in order to meet the highest performance criteria.

Enterprise Storage

  • We provide our business partners wide range of storage solutions that provide intelligence, scalability, and cloud integration. We provide sophisticated deduplication, accelerate your key workloads from core to edge to cloud, reducing application downtime and storage requirements.


  • Virtualization is the process of using software rather than hardware to create a virtual version of a server or computer system. It allows many operating systems to operate at the same time on a single computer.

Virtualization attempts to centralize administrative chores while also lowering hardware costs and increasing scalability and workloads.

Virtualization is built on the partitioning principle, which divides a single physical server into numerous logical servers, each of which runs its own operating system and applications.

We provide many types of virtualization including:

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization


As cyber threats are getting more emerging and more targeted backup has become more than essential to protect the data and information of the organizations.

Disaster Recovery

  • Once again, we add an additional layer for data protection which runs in parallel with the backup process.

Disaster recovery is a strategy done to respond to natural or manmade disaster the strategy should be flexible so that the emergency an restoration efforts can be modified to unexpected events.

CSS analyze the need of the organization to make business operations more resilient. We do feasibility study in terms of time, resources, effort and budget.